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Sydelle has been a vocal advocate for violent crime prevention using a public health approach. Under Sydelle's leadership, our community has been included in pilot programs for violence interruption services, the Summer Crime Prevention Initiative, and made real progress on reducing homicides at neighborhood hot spots. For the first time in more than a quarter-century, our community saw a reduction in homicides thanks to these new resources. There is still more work to be done and Sydelle has the proven track record to keep the progress going.

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Affordable housing and development are now a hot topic in Carver/Langston. With the pending redevelopment of Hechinger Mall and smaller projects popping up all over the neighborhood, Sydelle has not only created the ANC 5D Zoning and Development Committee to help neighbors navigate tricky negotiations with developers building next to their homes, but launched the largest, most successful re-zoning effort in ANC history. Carver/Langston is set to become the first-ever neighborhood in DC zoned RF-4 which will chart a new course forward for our community that reflects our values while giving us room to grow. All residents deserve access to job opportunities as well as better, more affordable housing and amenities. Sydelle has the plans and know-how to put those values into action.



Sydelle is truly passionate about creating a healthy environment in Carver/Langston. Sydelle pushed to support the approval of the new CareMore Clinic at Hechinger Mall, created a health forum for local providers to share insights, advocated for additional domestic violence and behavioral health resources, and requested a comprehensive health study of our community to determine if environmental impacts are harming residents' health.

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